Round Up and Save

Build Your Savings Effortlessly

Round Up and Save is an automatic savings program that produces savings totals that will surprise you, by drawing on an unlikely source you’ll hardly notice.  With your authorization, we automatically round up every purchase you make with your Debit Card to a round dollar figure, and deposit the ‘spare change’ into your FirstOntario savings account. 

Choose from three amounts – the nearest $1, or $5 or $10 – it's your choice! How fast do you want to build your savings faster?  Go out and shop with your debit card as you always have, and watch your savings grow. 

It’s Painless, and It’s Free

There are no costs to enroll in Round Up and Save, there are no service charges on the transfers, and it won’t count against any transaction limits on your accounts.  What’s more, Round Up and Save is better than dropping all your change into a piggy bank because saving in one of our savings accounts earns interest on every cent deposited. 


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